aiden sitting up…

so our little boy is starting to sit up without support :) here’s a video we took with our new panasonic tz5 camera. (click the ‘FULL’ button to see the larger video at full resolution)

4 thoughts on “aiden sitting up…

  1. he is more interested in his shoe, which is admittedly very cute and interesting. i can’t wait to see him again… does he know how much his aunties want to hug and kiss him?!

  2. i see you pulled the trigger on that panasonic camera. :) the video quality seems pretty good! kinda weird to see mark all shrunk down like that, though. :0

  3. judy: i know you get to see him do a lot more things than i do…:P

    tracy: i can’t hug & kiss him enough..but i’m momma…i could only imagine how much his aunties want to hug & kiss him…judy smothers him and squeezes the bee-jeezus out of him at times…it’s really cute.

    b: the tz5 is a my very belated christmas gift. keke…mark shrunk down.

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